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The Black Pig With White Pearls is an authentic Spanish tapas bar and restaurant nestled between the hustle and bustle of Dalston and the village-like atmosphere of Stoke Newington. Specialising in Ibérico, only the best quality fresh 100% full breed Ibérico pork from the dehesa farms in Spain, which is used in their generous servings of tapas and mains. Starting out as a pop-up restaurant they have come a very long way since their humble beginnings. Not many pop-ups enjoy the longevity that Black Pig has to become an established restaurant.


The name Black Pig comes from the meat used. Black in colour, Ibérico pigs can be found in southern regions of Spain. Head chef David is Spanish born and bred, hailing from the town of Extremadura - you can't get more authentic than that. The "White Pearls" part comes from a beautiful painting of a pig that David and his partner Melvin found on their travel in India. The painting can be found adorning the exposed brick wall of the restaurant. 

Inside, the atmosphere is cosy and welcoming with Melvin at the helm, always smiling and ever charming. Lit by ambient candlelight and with traditional Spanish flamenco music playing subtly in the background, you will feel like you have stumbled across a bar in the heart of Spain. All the staff are warm and friendly and more than happy to cater to your needs. The Black Pig With White Pearls will feel like a home from home. 

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